About Us


Grazioso only uses real SOLID GOLD and TITATNIUM, even for plated jewelry. NO FAKE.

Grazioso uses Swarovski CZ. If there is any doubt, we can provide the certificate.


We confidently introduce our 20G(0.8mm) Back Push jewelry. It is internally threaded, but not screwed. It applies to any kind of jewelry like eyebrows, belly, CBB(Horse shes), labret, nose, cartilage, and any parts you desire. 


Color Difference between Real Gold and Fake Gold

Our Story

At Grazioso Jewelry we handle high quality products manufactured from Korea. We offer an extensive variety of products to chose from, from surgical steel, titanium and gold. We are able to sustain a great effort in fulfilling our customers' requests and offer the most fashionable items to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.